Parenting Presentation by Ruchi Koval
(Kinder Fund Event) Request: 884
Sponsor: Other: The Kinder Fund IMO Dina Eisner When: 6/27/2018 Starts 8:00 pm

The Kinder Fund in memory of Dina Eisner is sponsoring a presentation by Ruchi Koval on “Parenting (and Grandparenting) with Radical Acceptance.” The talk will be held in Cong. Ohr Torah (Social Hall) on Weds., June 27th at 8pm and is open to men & women. Koval is the co-founder and Assoc. Director of Jewish Family Experience, an innovative community in Cleveland, OH. She has been a Jewish educator for over 2 decades, leading self-development groups for adults & teens, and mentoring educators around the world. Attendance is free of charge, but co-sponsors and contributions to the Kinder Fund are welcomed. For additional information, contact .

Congregation Ohr Torah (Social Hall)

Point of Contact:Arya Eisner
Phone: 732-547-4994